Power of Redistricting in California

In 2008 California voters passed Prop 11, Voters First Act, and transferred power of redistricting for state legislatures to Citizens Redistricting Commission (CRC). We added Congressional redistricting to the commission's responsibility in 2010.

So is there anything we need to do? Yes! To draw fair maps the CRC needs our input. Additionally power of local redistricting was mostly left in the hands of elected officials. In 2016 a new law was passed to authorize CRC formation in counties and cities as well as to standardize the redistricting processes using best practices from 2011 CRC redistricting. 2021 is our first and once-a-decade opportunity to reclaim our power in local redistricting.

This is why we joined Alameda County Coalition for Fair Redistricting to advocate fair and transparent redistricting in Alameda County and to educate our communities and help their voices be heard in the processes. Please visit the website alcoredistricting.org to learn how you can get involved.

You can watch our California Redistricting Basics- Federal, State, Local event recording and slides below.

CA Redistricting Basics 210613

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