Redistricting 2021

California redistricting unchallenged

Check out the new district maps for 2022 elections for Congressional, State Senate and Assembly districts.

CA Citizens Redistricting Commission released the draft maps.

Draft maps for Congress, State Senate, State Assembly and Board of Equalization were released on Nov 10, 2021. Please keep adding your feedback until the final map approval. Meeting Schedule is here. (Assembly concluded Iteration on Dec 6 followed by Congressional map (12/7-12/13), the Senate (12/14-17), and Board of Equalization (12/17).

  • Is your city/community of interest/neighborhood kept together in one district?

  • Will you get represented fairly in the new districts? Any possible conflicts within the district?

  • You will need to add name of the district your feedback is about.

Bay Area Congress Draft Map

Bay Area State Senate Draft Map

Bay Area Assembly Draft Map

Visualization to Draft Maps

We are in the home stretch for the redistricting 2021.

We submitted our Communities of Interest (COI). Based on the COI inputs map drawers create Visualization maps before they start drawing draft maps. Once our feedbacks get incorporated, draft maps are published and residents have a period of examination followed by public input/hearings (last chance to add our voices). Then decision makers will vote to adopt draft maps to make them our next district maps.