Community Choice Energy

Opt up to carbon free or 100% renewable electricity today!

Alameda County and Tracy residents: opt up at for

  • Renewable 100 (100% Renewable) for 4% more than PG&E

Contra Costa County residents: opt up at for

  • Deep Green (100% CA Renewable) for ~5% more than PG&E.

The Community Choice Energy (CCE, aka Community Choice Aggregation) program is considered to be the most powerful tool for local governments to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission and achieve their Climate Action Plans.

In 2002 AB 117 established Community Choice in California. CCAs are opt-out programs and are established by a local ordinance voted on by the governing body of a county, city or special district (e.g. local water agency or public utility district). No public vote or referendum is required.

California’s first CCE, Marin Clean Energy, was launched in 2010 to serve customers in parts of Marin County. The program that was once branded as a “risky scheme” has proven to be economically viable and has expanded its service territory in 3 neighboring counties and its roster of programs and services.

Interest in CCEs and their environmental benefits has grown dramatically since 2014. The current CCE programs are listed below (LEAN Energy US).

Community Choice introduces competition and consumer choice into the electricity sector with a focus on local, renewable energy to stimulate rapid innovations in clean energy systems. As not-for-profit agencies, Community Choice energy providers are not beholden to multi-million dollar CEO salaries or shareholder returns, but rather to stable, competitive pricing for consumers and increasingly resilient, clean, and local energy systems. According to CalCCA, to date, CCAs in California have contracted for over 6,000 Megawatts (MW) of new clean generation capacity through long-term power purchase agreements with terms of 10 years or more.

Powerful Impacts for Community Choice:

  • In 2021 24 operational Community Choice agencies (CCAs) serving 11 million+ people in California

  • Revenues reinvested in the community, not distributed to shareholders.

  • 6,000+ Megawatts of new renewable energy

  • 1,120 Megawatt hours of new energy storage

  • Dozens of new innovative programs for customers


Alameda County has formed a joint power authority East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) in January, 2017. EBCE started its service to Business and Municipal accounts in June and started Residential service in November 2018.

With Livermore opted up to Brilliant 100, all the members' municipal accounts are GHG free with no cost increase.

We are happy to report EBCE paid back its startup loan to the county in 8 months, and has already approved new contracts all in CA for solar power, wind power (Altamont), and battery storage (Oakland) that will help EBCE continue the transition to clean energy.

We are helping EBCE's outreach effort in our communities.